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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to Contact Us ?

Using our online form on the contact us page. We are very busy with our Mom’s, Dad’s and Babies. If you would like to speak on the phone, please email me your number and we will call you as soon as possible!

When Should I Contact You for a Puppy?

Please email us when you are ready to adopt a puppy. This way we can let you know what is coming up, share exact info, pictures, etc…

What days are you Open for Appointments and/or Picking up our Puppy ?

We are open for appointments Monday-Friday. After 35 years of sales in our home we are no longer open on Weekends. We will make our best efforts to deliver or be available in the evenings to accommodate our customers.

When is the Best Time to Adopt ?

The Best time to Adopt a Puppy is when you are ready !!! Having extra time to spend time on training and helping him/her adjust to their new home is what is most important !

Male v.s. Female ??

Truthfully there is no difference between the Sexes, once puppies are “Fixed”. We highly recommend that you Research the Breed and put very little thought into the Sex. The only difference is that Males are cheaper to Neuter.

Are The Puppies First Generation?

Yes, we only breed First Generation Cockapoo’s and Shih-Poo’s. Thus meaning, Mom is a Purebred & Dad is a Purebred (ex. Shih-Tzu + Toy Poodle). First Generation is the best mix for ensuring Non-Shedding & Hypo-Allergenic.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Our puppies come with a 3 year hereditary guarantee. Within the first three years of your puppy’s life if he/she has a hereditary defect/issue we will refund your money 100% or replace your puppy!! Each puppy we sell is Guaranteed Healthy.

Do You Offer Delivery?

We live a great distance from most major cities, we offer the ease & comfort of delivery. We have personally delivered our puppies for the past 30 years to ensure they are 100 % safe & comfortable. If you are interested in having your puppy delivered, please contact us for information/Pricing.

How much are your puppies?

Our shih-poo and cockapoo puppies are $2500 taxes included.

Can I reserve a puppy?

Absolutely! In order to ensure one of our puppies will be adopted into your home, we require a $500 deposit. Once you have chosen your puppy with a deposit we will keep you updated through pictures and emails. When you visit, if you are not satisfied with your puppy or our facility we will refund your deposit in full.

When Can We Visit ?

You are welcome to visit your Puppy once he/she reaches 6 ½ weeks of age. At this time the puppy will have had their First Vaccinations.

At What Age Can a Puppy Go Home ??

We do not allow the puppies to go to their new homes until they reach at least 8 weeks of age.

What Do the Puppies Come With ?

At the time of Adoption your puppy will have been Veterinarian Examined, Given First Vaccinations, De-Wormed & Revolutioned (Flea Preventative).

Are you a Licensed Kennel ?

Yes, we are a Licensed Kennel and a Registered Business. You will receive Documentation of both upon Adoption.

What if I can NOT keep my Puppy/Dog?

This is absolutely no problem. We will take the Puppy/Dog back and find him or her a new home.

Are the Parents On-Site:

Yes, we do have Mom & Dad with us and when you visit you are welcome to meet both. As well we can send you pictures through Email.5

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