Perfect Puppies - From Our Home to Yours

Past Reviews

Hi Bobbie-Jo! 

We wanted to give you an update on our 2 wonderful Cockapoo pups! Smudge (toasted marshmallow) is 11 born 12/01/2012 and more powerful than ever. He has been an absolute dream and the best couch potato buddy anyone could ever ask for. Benny (black) is 1.5 born 08/11/21 and the most energetic and lovely dog anyone could ever ask for. Both of these dogs are more than we ever expected to get and we are truly glad to have had the opportunity to work with you and your business.

The Rush-Allen Family 

Hello Bobbie-Jo,

I have been meaning to give you an update on our Cockapoo Hashbrown! We just celebrated her sixth birthday on April fourth. She is absolutely thriving and is the heart of our home. There isn’t a day that goes by that our kids, don’t exclaim how much they love her and how lucky we are to have her. At nighttime she is a real snuggler. She loves all forms of affection and is so patient and gentle with the kids.

Hope you and your family are doing well. Thank you so much for blessing our family with the sweetest dog we could ever wish for.

Big hugs,
Meghan, Dan, Ruby, Ezra and Hashbrown XO

Hello Bobbie-Jo,

I hope this email finds you well!
Grover our Cockapoo will be 12 years old next month and everyone still thinks he looks like a puppy.  In nearly 12 years, Grover has had virtually no health issues (a couple of eye infections as a pup) and any Vet that has ever given him a physical makes sure to tell us they cannot believe he is as old as he is.  His energy is great and he still loves to run and play every day.  Grover is friendly with all dogs, children, people, and other animals.  As a puppy, he was easy to house and crate train. Grover has a sweet, gentle temperment and loves to snuggle his famliy, as well as visitors, on the couch. We are glad that we chose to adopt from Perfect Puppies all those years ago!


Valerie, Jason (and Audrey)

Hi Bobbie-Jo,

It was a pleasure dealing with you and your business . I spent a year looking for the perfect puppy for me and my family. I went through several kennels but with you were the best place to deal with! You provided us with updates all the time and helped us a lot with our first puppy .My Shih-Poo (Coco) is now almost 2 years old and such a sweet and adorable dog! We love her so much.  Thank you Bobbie-Jo for your great work and all your help! I’m always recommending your place 😊


Hi Bobbie-Jo,

I wanted to send my best wishes for the holiday season,  from me and our Shih-Poo Puppy Rosy!   Rosy is now 10 months old,  and just a wonderful sweet puppy.   I am so happy that I have Rosy in my life….she is gentle and loving and fun!  Thanks, again for raising her!

All the best for 2023!

Hi Bobbie-Jo,

Merry Christmas from Harley Jr. and his brother Ozzy! Can’t believe two years have gone by with this amazing boy. He loves Christmas and can’t wait to get his paws on his stocking!

Hi Bobbie-Jo,

Hope all is well! It’s been three years since we adopted our little Cockapoo Ivy! She’s so adorable we love her so much and Lily is now 7! See photos from my daughter’s wedding on Chandos Lake! Such perfect puppies 🙂 Enjoy and hope you are doing well!


Karin & Family 

Our sweet Shih-Poo Archie joined our family from Perfect Puppies in August 2021. He just turned 1 yesterday, and is truly the light of our lives. He has been such a joy, and we can’t thank Bobbi-Jo at Perfect Puppies enough! Archie is very social, loves other animals and children, and goes everywhere with us. He loves to ride in the car and he’s a very well socialized little guy. He’s always wanting to please, looking for praise and treat rewards, and very intelligent!

When Archie joined our family, he was 8 weeks old and was adjusted to crate training, not fearful or hesitant, and a very energetic little ball of fluff. He enjoys his snuggles as much as he enjoys play time and two daily walks. His sweet disposition melts our hearts.

Bobbi-Jo is a pleasure to deal with, truly cares about her dogs, and Archie is proof of that. She provided us with all of the necessary information and instructions every new puppy owner needs, and if you follow them, you’ll be successful new puppy parents.

Thank you Bobbi-Jo! You never know, Archie may need a sibling someday soon!! Stay tuned! 🙂
Connie and Darcy Mitten, Belleville, ON

Hi Bobbie-Jo!

I just wanted to give you an update on our Shih-Poo Sunny who is now 6 months old!

He is the sweetest, friendliest little guy who is such a joy. Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with him.

I have attached photos of his first big boy groom. 

Thanks again for giving him such a great start. He is a dream 🙂


Hi Bobbie-Jo!  

Happy Holidays! I just wanted to share some adorable holiday photos of Daisy. She is the best, she’s doing great and we love her so much. Thank you again and happy holidays to you and your family!  

All the best,  
Kaitlin & Andrew 


Hi Bobbie-Jo

Bernie has been everything we hoped for.  He’s proven to be a loyal, playful, delightful companion, full of joy.  We thought it time to write you to express our happiness, and how grateful we are for the existence of Perfect Puppies.

He came well trained, got used to the snow immediately, easily and quickly adapted to his new home.  We appreciate the advice you gave us, which we followed religiously.  We went through a short bout of excessive barking, but that quickly subsided.  We walk him regularly, which he enjoys…and he loves meeting and talking with all of his friends along the way.

Yes, ‘friendly’ could easily have been his name!

With many thanks Michael & Sommai Farr

Good morning- Bobbie-Jo.

Hope you and your family are doing well. I’m writing you to give you an update on Tessa. I’ve had her now for 2 weeks and she is absolutely wonderful! She is loving her new home, very happy and playful. I haven’t had a problem with her since I got her. No car sickness on the way home. No getting up at night. About 5 minutes of whining the first few nights. She’s pretty much potty trained.  I’m always watching her and she’s really good.  I think it all has to do with you raising her properly, I want to thank you for that. She’s teething so she wants to bite a lot.  I manage to distract her with her toys. She’s so smart and we’ll behaved.  I’m so lucky to have her in my life. Grandkids love her. 

Wishing you a wonderful day.  Sending you a picture with my daughter Mariella holding both Tessa (Cockapoo)  and Charlie (Shih-Poo) she adopted him from you as well!

Take care. Lucy

Hi Bobbie-Jo!

I hope you have been doing well over these last few months! I’m sure you have been so busy.

Our sweet Rosie is already turning 13 if you can believe it…. She still seems like the puppy she was when we brought her home from Rusty and Betsy’s litter. She is still so healthy, energetic and sweet. Even now she gets stopped on the street to be told how pretty she is! Our daughter is now 10 and has proven that she can take good care of Rosie. We think it’s time to consider a second Shih-Poo. After over a decade of witnessing how healthy and happy Rosie is, we would only consider a dog from you.

Thank you in advance!  Melissa (Rosie’s mom)

Hi Bobbie-Jo,

Just wanted to show you how well Oliver our Cockapoo is doing on his first birthday. He is an amazing, active guy who is

absolutely adorable. He totally loves life and is the most affectionate little guy that you could ever meet.

Just wanted to say thanks and let you know that he is doing very well.

All the best, Mark and Janet 

Hi Bobbie-Jo,

We had such a positive experience with Bobbie-Jo and perfect puppies. Especially during covid when puppies were hard to find. We were blessed to find our perfect puppy, Abby our adorable cockapoo from such a reputable breeder with so much integrity. Bobbie-Jo was always courteous and helpful with all of my many questions.

Our Cockapoo Abby has a lovely temperament. To my surprise she slept through to the night in her kennel from day one, because Bobbie-Jo prepared her and us for success! The day we picked her up was so special, the farm and property are gorgeous. Abby has been a wonderful, playful and loving addition to our family. She is five months old now and loves her crate safe place where she takes her naps and sleeps at night. We are so blessed and happy to have her.

Susan & Family


Hi Bobbie-Jo,

I just want to let you know that I highly recommend your puppies.  My husband and I bought our cockapoo, Mickey from you 8 years ago.  We brought him home on April 16, 2011.  He has been beyond perfect… great personality, healthy, loves to cuddle, super friendly to all dogs and people, everyone loves him!  I can’t tell you how many times people have said that they want a “Mickey”.  He is just gorgeous too.  He is actually a very beautiful looking dog.   He still gets stopped on the street in Toronto.  Stores on Avenue Road in Toronto will buy treats for Mickey just so he will come by….lol.  We couldn’t have ask for a better dog.  He’s our baby for sure. 

And his vet is always in awe of how great his teeth and his coat are.  Especially his 8 years old, they are still white with hardly any tarter on them.  We do give him a “greenie” everyday but the vet told us that the reason he has great teeth is because of good genetics  🙂 

Michelle Gillett 

No-one can truly breed a “perfect puppy”, but Bobbie-Jo of Perfect Puppies, comes close.  It was very important to me and my family that we found, not only a breeder who could provide us with a cute cockapoo puppy, but an ethical and skilled breeder.  If you are reading this reference, you may have discovered that it is complicated and challenging to find a good breeder. Perfect Puppies has the history, breeding practices and results you are looking for.  The facilities are clean, well organized and the dogs are happy, friendly and well-cared for.  Once you meet your freshly washed little fur bundle, you will be sent on your way with a package of information and comfort items for your pup.  Bobbie-Jo welcomes hearing from you if you have any questions or concerns and will enjoy hearing how your pup is settling into their new home.  
The most amazing thing to me was that our puppy came home, socialized and loving every person he met, he was ready to be house trained and he was already sleeping through the night. So many puppy parents lament their lost sleep and the challenges of getting up at 3 am to put their puppy out.  Our Finn slept from 10 pm to 6 am from the very first night. You know you have a good breeder when your pup comes home sleep trained.  
Now at 5 months, Finn is happy, healthy and gorgeous.  He is incredibly sweet and gentle and has been easy to train. We love our pup and we are so thankful to Bobbie-Jo of Perfect Puppies for her skill, dedication to the breed and good breeding practices as well as for her support.
Highly recommended and could not be happier! 
Lorie & Finn

Hi Bobbie-Jo! 

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. 

I just wanted to give you an update! I got a Shih-Poo Puppy from you about 2 years ago and he really is a “Perfect Puppy”. Milo is literally the best. Such a good listener, VERY smart and handsome as ever! Thank you again ❤️❤️ We absolutely love him to bits. He’s so precious!! 


Jodi Chait 


Hi Bobbie-Jo,

We purchased a sweet, spunky, funny and loving cockapoo from you 6 years ago named Bella.  She is kind, great with kids, smart, gentle and compassionate. She is loved so much by all members of our family, including my mother, father, sister, cousins and their kids.  She loves to roll in the snow, go out with us for a snowshoe excursion, to eat snow, chase squirrels (only for pleasure) and snuggle with my daughter.

In fact my mother would love to get a cockapoo puppy for herself.  She lives in the country on a 2 ½ acre lot in the woods in the Gatineau Hills, which we visit often and use as our cottage.  Our dog Bella loves it there!!!! 

Wishing you good health during these difficult times,

Marcia Wetherup

Family with puppy from Perfect Puppies
Hi Bobbie-Jo. 
We just wanted to thank you for the lovely package of goodies you put together for Roxy and for taking such wonderful care of her! She is the happiest puppy ever. She has been an absolute angel since the minute we picked her up from you today. She was simply delightful in the car. She whimpered for about 15 minutes; after that all we got was playtime, rest time and lots and lots of cuddles! When we arrived at our house she ate and drank a little and then played outside. She figured out how to climb up and down the stairs in less than two minutes and she is so sociable, loveable and friendly.  She loves chasing my kids around the yard.  She is in her crate now for bedtime and she stopped whimpering after two minutes. We are so impressed!  Here are a couple of pics! 
Thanks again, 
Hi Bobbie- Jo,
Sam is such a joy! I love him more every day. He has graduated from Agility Classes and now I take him to one practice session a week. He loves it and he is happy amongst other dogs.
I am really hoping to train him towards becoming a visiting dog in some of the retirement homes. He loves people and he gets loads of cuddles everywhere we go.
I swear he has a very good sense of humour! In this picture he is doing what he knows he shouldn’t but just out of my reach! He would play ball all day if he had his way.
I cannot thank you enough for my amazing dog.
Hope you are well.
Judy and Sam!
Black cockapoo George with owner
Morning Bobbie-Jo, 
My husband & I feel it’s necessary I send you this email about George just to let you know of his progress since being with us in the big town of Paris. We loved our wee cockapoo Stanley & miss him dearly.  Having said that, after having George for a few weeks now we are in love with this wee boy! With the exception of 2 nights for about 20 min each night of yelping, he goes into his crate with zero issues for the entire night.  Day 4 he was already going up & down the stairs.  Just yesterday he alerted us at the patio door that he had to go out to do his business. He is so smart Bobbie-Jo it’s ridiculous! Lol.  George is so confident and loves exploring every square inch of our home.Purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder, truly is KEY for a well rounded dog.  He is probably the most trusting & loving pup we’ve ever had!  The joy in our home with this wee boy is absolutely wonderful!  George has brought laughter, love & joy back into our home with his cute wee face!!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such dedication in breeding such wonderful dogs!
You are simply the BEST!
Kind regards,
Marissa Brown
Girls with cockapoo Ginger
Hi Bobbie-Jo!

Hope all is good for you and your family. Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year.

Our Cockapoo Ginger turned 2 yesterday and the girls made her a cake (the icing was a paw print). We are so in love. She is truly perfect. She gets us out, keeps us social and is so great for our family. There is just pure bliss around her!

Thank you so much again and again. I’m sending some photos so you can see how she’s growing.

Shih-Poo puppy

Hi Bobbie-Jo,

Today our Shih-Poo Shelby turned 6 years old and it got me thinking about when we first got her. Thought you might
 like a little update. She’s doing well…enjoying life with us! 😊 Our vet tells us every yearly visit how
 beautiful and healthy she is. Here are a few recent pictures of her.
Hope your doing well,


Hi Bobbie Jo
Here is a picture of our Cockapoo Jimmy from the May 2017 litter. He is a perfect puppy! 
There is so much to say about him, but ultimately he is well adjusted, healthy and happy; 
we would recommend you and your dogs to anyone. Please feel free to use this picture 
on your website! 
Thank you so much, 
David and Jodie 

Hello Bobbie-Jo ,

Hope all is good , I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020 ! Thanking you again for letting us have Lucy (Cockapoo) and for making us so happy! 😊❤️🥰
Lucy is doing amazing, already had her second check up and up to date with all shots ! She loves being outside and spending time with each and everyone of the 5 of us .
Here are some pictures attached
Naomi , David , Gabriel , Avi , Lily and Lucy

Hello Bobbie-Jo,

Just wanted to update you on our little Betsy (Shih-Poo). She’s almost one year old now and we couldn’t imagine life without her. She walks the kids to the bus every morning and gets more love from all the kids than any dog needs!!!! What we couldn’t be more happy about is her temperament. She rarely barks, loves all people, kids, dogs of all kinds. She is sweet and fearless and so curious about everything. She sits outside on the deck and just watches the birds, squirrels and Chipmunks for hours. We are so glad that we decided to wait for a perfect puppy. She was so worth it. Will 100% get our next puppy from here. 

Michelle & Family

Hi Bobbie-Jo !
We just want to say thank you for our sweet Cockapoo girl, Oakley ! We are absolutely in love with her. She has the sweetest personality and is such a happy puppy. She is so outgoing and brave. She’s been home with us for two weeks now, and from the beginning she settled right in and has been doing great. We couldn’t imagine life without her, she has brought so much happiness into our home. 

You made our experience bringing Oakley home so enjoyable, worry-free and easy. From the initial emails of picking her out, to updates with pictures, to finally bringing her home, we honestly couldn’t be happier or ask for anything more. 

When picking out a breeder, we wanted to make sure we were choosing a reputable breeder that raised healthy and happy puppies that are cared for. I knew we made a good choice from the beginning, but you really reaffirmed that when we picked her up you said to us that “we’re in-laws now”. That showed us how much these puppies are loved and really meant a lot. 

Thank you again for everything.  Tristen & Cody 

Hi Bobbie-Jo ,

Just wanted to send you a quick picture of Whiskey our Cockapoo & to thank you for such a wonderful pet!
He just turned 2 years old & is a wonderful addition to our family. He is playful, affectionate and has been quite easy to train, thanks to dog treats! He is super food motivated!!!

Thanks for such a great dog! 

Take care,

The Gauthier family

Hi Bobbie-Jo, 

We picked up Stella our Cockapoo last September and yesterday was her first birthday! We cannot believe how quickly she’s grown. She’s 23 lbs and the perfect size to snuggle with but not too small. She is the perfect addition to the family. She loves to run and play but also loves cuddles. She has also recently been enjoying swimming! She’s very adventurous and isn’t afraid of much, so we bring her on a many trips as we can. We cannot thank you enough for a better dog, she is truly the most perfect puppy. Hope all is well with you and your dogs! I’ve also attached is a picture of Stella.
Thanks again!


Claire Knowler and family

Hi Bobbie-Jo,

I just wanted to let you know that Charlie is doing very well. He is so sweet and cuddly, we just love him so much. I wanted to thank you for making the adoption process such a great experience for us. He is 11 weeks old and already fully potty trained, and understands sit, lay down, up and give paw. He is just a little love bug, and we are so glad to have him.


Mariella & Family 😊

Hi Bobbie Jo,

How you doing ?
Just wanted to share some pictures of Bear our Cockapoo.
He is great and spoiled, smart and very affectionate.
He is a super stress reliever …. helps us relax as we pet and caress him
He’s in great health, runs, plays … sleeps, cuddles …
He’s over spoiled … he’s not fond of eating from his bowl … he prefers daddy feed him one bite at a time …
 I don’t mind it … we bond …if he must he will eat from his bowl 
He’s also a great listener , never argues with me … well most of the times 
I hope you and your family are all well.
Thanks a million for our fur baby … 
Best regards, 

Jimmy Georgiadis

Hi Bobbie-Jo!!!

I wanted to send you a thank you and an update! Our Shih-Poo Stewart, has brought such joy and fun to our lives and we couldn’t be more thrilled with him. He brings a smile to everyone who meets him. He loves to play and is so social with people and all types of dogs. He has gone on daily walks in the woods since he was very young and has been such a little trooper. Now at 6 mos he is barrelling through the woods keeping up with big brother. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) stops and asks me where I got him; they all want one. He is obviously adorable but it’s his temperament and personality that always wins people over and that of course is because of you and the obvious care you put into all of your dogs and your breeding program. I have and will continue to recommend Perfect Puppies.

Thank you so much for our perfect puppy!🐶
Erin, Scott, Ava, Emma, Chewie and Stewart.

Hi Bobbie-Jo,

Sam has settled in beautifully and already I cannot imagine life without him! He is doing well with toilet training and never seems to mind going outside despite the bad weather. I can leave him for up to three hours during the day and he is fine in his playpen with the crate door open. He had his second shots on Wednesday and the vet was very impressed and was interested to know where he came from. He starts puppy school at beginning of March! A friend has shown me how to start clicker training to reduce jumping/nipping and he is responsive ( because of the treats!).

Thought you might like to see the pic. He has grown a lot!

Take care, Judy

Hi Bobbie-Jo
I just wanted to say thank you again for the most perfect dog!!!! I cannot believe he is going to be a year old in just a few weeks. The way this dog has brought happiness into our lives again after loosing another fur baby has just been incredible. He’s so smart and loving. We are so glad we found you and your amazing dogs.
Thank you sooo much for everything.
He’s the most perfect boy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thanks so muchJodi Chait

Hi Bobbie-Jo:

Happy New Year to you and your family! Thought I’d send you an update from our end.
Here is a pic of Sophie from our first Christmas together. We picked her up on Boxing Day 2017 and have never looked back. She has so much personality – we love her to bits! She is so cuddly and lovable and super smart. She loves being with us but will also go into her crate on her own for “quiet time”. She has made our first time experience as dog owners wonderful. Thank you so much for our little Sophie! I’m also attaching the pic that you sent me initially so you can see how much she’s grown (she’s 10 pounds).

All the best and thanks again,

The Amaral Family

Bobbie-Jo,How are you? I wish you and your family a very happy 2019! I attached some recent pictures of Luna! It’s hard to believe she was a tiny puppy in September when we picked her up from you!
She is a well-loved member of our family and is both friendly and smart. She’s very attached to all the members of our immediate family, as well as her Grandparents, and is happy to show her affection! She is the perfect mix-energetic and playful, and cuddly and lazy. She fits in-no matter what we are doing! Luna loves the snow, chasing her ball and walks in the park. She is very partial to peanut butter and treats of any kind. I’m sure she is already over 20 pounds so she’s going to be a big girl! She is a wonderful addition to our family and she makes us laugh everyday. I can’t say enough about her good nature and personality. We couldn’t have wished for a better dog to love. Thank you for the part you played in her life! Jocelyn Siciliano and family

Good Morning Bobbie-Jo, Me and my wife Christina brought home Wendel last March and just wanted to send you some photos of Wendel as he is turning 1 soon and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!! He has been the perfect addition to our family and could not ask for a better dog. Merry Christmas from the Campbell family 🙂

Hi Bobbie-Jo, Sunny is 5 months old now and weighs 25lbs. He’s a big boy, very active and friendly. He loves people and gets especially our grandchildren. He likes his big inside playpen but prefers going outside to play in the snow and eat chunks of ice. He’s permitted to come on the love seat with us so that we can brush him and give him lots of affection. Sunny has an appointment to get neutered in January 2019 and we hope that he heals well. We’re very lucky to have such a happy and affectionate dog. We love him dearly and we’re looking forward to many more years with him. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful dog! I’m sending you some recent pics of Sunny. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Therese & Raymond Lebrun

Hi Bobbie Jo, Just wanted to update you on Daisy the Cockapoo that I purchased from you in September 2015. I previously mentioned that we passed the test for being a St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Team. The mentoring phase is over and we now have our official uniforms. Daisy even has her own id badge. We visit a hospital weekly and a retirement home a couple times a month. We are not child tested yet but am working on that. Here are some photos of Daisy in her uniform. She loves doing it she gets so many hugs from people. I am so happy to be able to do this with her she brings joy to so many people. Dawn and Daisy

Hi Bobbie-Jo, We wanted to give you an update on our beautiful Cockapoo puppy Coco Hoyte! We picked her up on August 7th from you and she has completely stolen our hearts. She is so well behaved and very strong and social. We have had more compliments on her temperament and great personality. She is absolutely amazing and we could not thank you enough! Thank you so much and will keep sending updates! Xx Gill and Jerome

Hi Bobbie-Jo! I just found out that another friend of mine, will be bringing home a Perfect Puppies Cockapoo! I’m so happy to have another one close by. We’ve been taking Abby to “puppy play” sessions organized by our kennel, and there are at least two other red cockapoo puppies there, but Abby is without a doubt the cutest and smartest and most easily adaptable (I know I’m biased, but all the care and work you’ve put in to building up solid breeding stock is clear in her personality and overall health, [esp. when compared with these other puppies!], so thank you).We celebrated Molly’s one-year “gotcha day” on the weekend. She too has grown into the sweetest dog — so smart and adorable. We couldn’t be happier. The two of them haven’t quite evolved into cuddle-pals yet, but I know they love each other as much as we love them. Here’s a couple of recent photos of Abby, and of the two of them. Hope all is well, and thanks again!Debra and Donna

Hi Bobbie-Jo!!

We wanted to write to you to say THANK YOU again so much for our cockapoo puppy!! Bauer joined our family in September of last year (2017). I can still remember the day we picked him up like it was yesterday! Just the other day (July 16, 2018) we celebrated his very 1st Birthday!! We truly can’t express how much Bauer has changed our lives and made our family complete! He brings so much joy and unconditional love into our home every day! The kids even call him their little brother. J!

Although I’ll admit, the beginning was definitely challenging, (puppies are never easy) it was very obvious that you had paid very close attention to his training early on. The love and care that you have for those puppies is completely heartwarming. I knew from the second we met you that Bauer was the Perfect Puppy!

Love, The Wood Family

Hi Bobbie Jo, We have decided to name our Perfect Teddy Bear, I mean Perfect Puppy, Goomba, it means partner in crime. He is very well behaved and does very well in car rides, vet visits, sleeps through the night in his crate, and does his potty business outside only. He is a very quick learner and has learned all his basic commands within his first week. He is also in training on riding a skateboard!I have never been a morning person, but now, the best part of my day is waking up early to take him out. He brings so much joy to myself and everyone he meets. We love witnessing smiles he brings to everyone’s faces every single time. He is honestly a head turner, everybody we walk by wants to pet him and take pictures. Even on our walk one day, someone stopped their car in a 1 lane road just to come pet him! We constantly receive compliments and many have suggested opening an Instagram account for him. He gains many admirers each day which makes his walks even longer! We have been sending his admirers your way. We had such a great experience with you and I am very confident in your services and will definitely return in the future for another cockapoo.Shelley & Goomba

Hi Bobbie Jo, I just wanted to give you an update on Fozzie! He is doing very, very well and is the best little puppy I could have ever dreamed of having in my life. Like you said he would, he’s sleeping through the night. He whimpered for a minute or two in his crate on the first night, and then woke up again at around 1, but then went back to sleep. The second night he cried for a bit longer, but then settled. Last night, no crying at all! As you recommended, I’ve been leaving him alone for two or three hours a day since he came home, and he’s doing just fine with it. I put him in my large bathroom where there’s lots of sunlight, with his food, water, lots of toys, and his crate with the door open. I’ve not come home to an accident once! I keep pinching myself, he’s a dream pup! We are having lots of fun playing and cuddling. He is the perfect mix of social and independent. He’s always thrilled when I come home and to play, but is also fine playing with his toys on his own (or napping!) when I’m busy doing things around the condo. Thank you again for breeding such a beautiful young dog that has already filled up my entire heart with love and joy. I can’t say enough good things about you, how wonderful you’ve been through this entire process, and again, what an amazing little dog you’ve brought into my life. Thanks again, Steph and Fozzie

Hi Bobbie-Jo, I wanted to give you an update on our little guy Jax (Cockapoo). We adopted him October 2016 (Aug. litter). Jax is very much a big part of our family and loses his mind when we come home everyday. He loved to be the center of attention always. He was house trained very quickly!He loves sleeping in in the morning but also absolutely loves going on adventures with us. He’s enjoyed going on hikes with us since he was just 4 months old. During walks we are always asked what kind of dog he is and I have hopefully sent some people your way. Finger crossed to be adding a new pup in the next couple of years. We are very over moon happy with our little guy. I have attached some photos for you. Hope all is well with you! Thanks, Stephanie

Hi Bobbie-Jo, We just wanted to give you an update on Minnie, the shih-poo puppy we purchased from you in May last year. She is absolutely adorable. Although we were a little overwhelmed in the beginning with the responsibility of a new puppy, she has settled in amazingly. We cannot image life without her. She is so sweet and lovable. We have taken so many photos of her that we had a hard time picking just a few to share with you. Please feel free to use any of the photos. Seeing how cute your puppies were and how happy your customers were on your website is what helped me to pick you as our breeder. Thank you so much…we feel so lucky to have her! The Griffiths Family

Hi Bobbie- Jo ! Franca and I just wanted to say Thank You again for our precious little Shih-Poo Hemi ! She is such a joy and she has added so much fun and joy to our lives ! She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s so very friendly and she loves to meet new people and she’s very good with other dogs ! We Love her to the moon and back and will definitely consider adopting another puppy from you when the time comes for Hemi to be a big sister ! John

Hi Bobbie-Jo, We purchased a cockapoo puppy from you in September of last year, who we named Zoey. She has become a very much loved member of our family. We are so thrilled with her and how she has made all of us laugh and smile every single day. We are interested in adding a new puppy to our family and saw that you have some cockapoo puppies coming soon. Zoey LOVES every single dog we meet and we would love to give her a brother or sister. Our experience with you was so positive, that we would love to have another cockapoo from you. Regards, Joanne

Hi Bobbie-Jo Cali is adjusting very well. She did her business outside yesterday and both nights didn’t cry till about 4:00 in the morning. She loves the snow! It’s mild today and she has been hopping around in the backyard. We had the party yesterday and Lauren was over the moon! She kept saying that she was dreaming!!and it was the best party and day of her life! It was instant love! They didn’t leave till late in the day so Cali was exhausted and so were we! Thank you for your guidance through this process. Your family obviously run your business with tender loving care and the name “Perfect Puppies” is well deserved. Thanks so much and God Bless! Lorraine & Dale

Hi Bobbie-Jo, I just wanted to say thank-you for all your help these last few weeks and for getting Reya to us safety. We absolutely love her! She has a fantastic and very loving personality and is really just an overall great dog. She is very smart and learns very quickly. I wanted to send you just a couple of pictures of her with my son who is beyond in love with her 🙂 The first is when they first met each other at the airport and the second is from yesterday after we finally let him try on the Star Wars costume he got her. I thought for sure she would hate it but she happily let us put it on her and posed for pictures not once trying to get it off! Thank you again for a fantastic experience and for the newest member of our family 🙂 Melissa- Halifax, NS/ October 2016 Update: Reya is still a healthy and happy little pup! She is basically everything you promised on your site with your puppies. She is incredibly smart (most of the time too smart for her own good!) and a very loving pup who is a big fan of cuddles and playing. We have loved having her as a part of our family and just wanted to let you know that it has all worked out well. We hope this email finds you well and I have included a few pics so you can see her now. (Everywhere we go people stop us because of that teddy bear face and beautiful red coat!) Melissa- Halifax- January 2018

Gray and Brown Shih-Poo's Sleeping on Each Other
Hi Bobbie-Jo, Just want to let you know that little Simba (Shih-Poo) is doing amazing ❤️ He is such a loving little boy ❤️ and an amazing big brother for little Charlie 😍 I recently started a training to become a pet therapist. In a few years, little Simba will be able to work with me ❤️ He brings so much joy and love around him and he has such an amazing personality, he will be perfect ❤️ He went to school once with me already and everyone was impressed with how well he behaved, smart, sweet and beautiful he is ❤️❤️❤️ He always finds a way to make me laugh 😂 I brought him his bed so he could rest while the teacher was speaking…well he decided that my desk was a much better place to relax 😂 And he is such a fast learner ❤️ Have a nice day 🙂 Jessica, Simba and Charlie

Cockapoo Puppy Sleeping on Couch
Hi Bobbie-Jo,
I have been meaning to send you some photos of our Cockapoo Molly, who has been an absolute delight for us this fall. She’s SUCH a great dog, so smart and even-tempered, and with such a sweet and adorable character (even with the puppy teeth, lol!). She’s been just well, a perfect puppy (even our vet said so!).
Thanks again! We can’t wait to bring home a sister for her next June (I’ll be in touch in March, as you suggested).
Debra and Donna

Hi Bobbie-Jo, Just wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween and send along a photo of our Shih-Poo Hendrix in his costume!! He is doing so well and has adjusted wonderfully. He is by far the happiest little guy I have ever met, his tail is wagging all the time. He gets along with everyone and dog he comes across. He is so easy going and just goes with the flow. He is so well mannered and well behaved. He has been such a joy and I could not imagine life without him now. Thank you so much for doing what you do, and bringing this guy into my life. Rebecca

Hi Bobbie-Jo!
I hope all’s well with you:-) Wanted to provide a little update on our Shih-Poo Abby as she just past her six month birthday and she’s absolutely amazing! Her temperament is as great today as the day we picked her up. She was spayed two weeks ago and her recovery went well. In her follow-up checkup last weekend, the vet said she’s stolen everyone’s hearts at the clinic mentioning what a social and well-tempered puppy she is. Her greeting when meeting people or seeing you first thing in the morning is to roll over on her back for a little belly rub:-)
It’s funny that people comment on what a “perfect puppy” she is, and we couldn’t agree more!
All our best, Jill

“We would like to congratulate Cheryl Bulai of Kitchener and her Shih-Poo Amy for making the front page of the PetSmart Magazine. Look’s like we are not the only ones with think our puppies are adorable !! So Exciting :)”

Good morning Bobbie-Jo! Wanted to give an update on our Shih-Poo Abby and send along a picture – we’ve taken just a few 🙂 She’s doing very well, and adjusting to her new daily routine – sleeping through the night, eating well and spending a lot of time outside (to avoid accidents in the house!). She’s having fun exploring her new surroundings, recognizes her name when called, and even fetches and returns toys during playtime. s you’d expect, we’ve become so attached, and simply love her calm demeanor and playful nature – especially when outside:-) All this is a testament to her great pedigree and fabulous nurturing that you undoubtedly provided in her early weeks. Thank you for doing what you do, and for giving us the privilege of welcoming Abby to her forever home! ~ O’Neill Family, Ottawa

Hello Bobbie Jo! Today is our cockapoo Koa’s first birthday so I thought I would send you an update and a few pictures! Koa became part of our family immediately. From the first day home he wanted to snuggle up on our feet wherever we were. He is a VERY friendly and playful puppy! Everywhere we go people comment on how friendly and adorable he is. He is a super happy and outgoing dog. He loves other dogs but also is very well behaved around them. Here are a couple pictures of our snugly guy! -Carissa

Hello Bobbie-Jo, How are you? Our Cockapoo Lizzie is amazing! She had her spaying surgery and did great! She’s full of energy but sleeps no problem every night in her crate. We really keep her going everyday! She’s like a little sponge and has learned many tricks and loves her family!! She is so very sweet, loving and kind. Thank you so much! I’ve attached some pics. Hope all is well with you. Shelley Cabral

Hi Bobbie-Jo, Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to send a quick update to let you know that our Cockapoo Toby is doing very well. Many years ago you flew our first Cockapoo to us in Nova Scotia and when we were ready for our next we couldn’t wait to contact you. We decide to take the drive all the way to your home this time to pick up Toby and it was well worth the trip!! He has adapted very well with our family. He is energetic and intelligent. We get lots of compliments on his colouring and personality when he is out on his daily walks on the beach. I have sent along a couple of photo’s for you. As you can see Toby has a very rough life..LOLTake Care & Thanks again, Rob Freer | Nova Scotia

Hi Bobbie-Jo, I can’t thank you enough for our cockapoo Sully and the joy he has brought to our family. He was the best Christmas gift a family could ever ask for. Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with him. Sully is friendly, playful, smart, and a perfect companion who is always making us laugh. One of the cutest things he does is while we are walking him he will run and leap in the air. I think he does it to scare the birds, but whatever he is doing it is so funny. Sully is now almost 6 months old and is 18 lbs. I take him to work with me a few times per week and the staff all love him too. My son hugs me once per week to thank me for Sully. It was a pleasure to deal with you and I would recommend Perfect Puppies to anyone looking for cockapoo.Thanks again, The Gaudon Family | Kippens, NL

Cockapoo Puppies in Ontario Hi Bobbie-Jo, Well Vinnie our Cockapoo is almost 7 months now and just about 22 pounds. He looks bigger than he is but it’s all hair :). What a sweet little guy he is! He is always happy; people comment all the time at the park at how happy he is, some even say he smiles! He loves the park and playing with people and all dogs. He has been such a delight and wonderful addition to our family. We were worried at first about the plane ride to Halifax but he settled in almost right away when we got home. I am so happy we decided to go for it. He has the sweetest temperament and is wonderful with children. He only barks to communicate with us that he has to go do his business outside, it is usually a one time bark. He picked up basic training very quickly. We don’t want to groom him too much as we love his shaggy look , so I brush him everyday and he doesn’t mind it a bit. He is like a real life teddy bear. Thanks Bobbie-Jo for all your hard work that you do with these puppies before they go to their new home. Truly “perfect puppies”. Best regards, Lisa & Sam | Halifax, NS

Shih-Poo Puppies in Ontario Hello Bobbie-Jo, Thought we provide you with an update on Charlee our Shih-Poo.Charlee is now 4.5 months. She is a bundle of joy. We take her practically everywhere we go. She spends many hours in arenas enjoying ringette games and friends she has made along the way.She just loves people, especially children and has many admires wherever she goes. We have been gladly referring her Admirers to “Perfect Puppies”.Thank you Bobbie-Jo, Fraser Family | February 16, 2017

Hi Bobbie-Jo! I hope you’re doing well! I wanted to send you an update and some photos of my little Shih-Poo Leo. He’s 6 months old now and doing great! He is fully house trained (didn’t take long at all), goes on daily walks with 2-3 other buddies and sleeps through the night with no issues. I’ve gotten so many compliments saying that he is the best puppy they have ever met and he’s so cute. He’s had two haircuts and was so good! He loves playing and cuddling with me as well as on his own. He definitely makes coming home after my commute so much more enjoyable! Hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks again, Caitlin

Hi Bobbie-Jo, My girls are now 7 and 8 years old and the loves of my life!! ❤ I thought you might enjoy a few pics! 😊 I’ve recently referred a couple of people to your website and highly recommended you…….I hope all is well with you and your puppies! 😊 Michelle Giles

The Heldmann family sends you an update on Nellie our Cockapoo!!! Check her out…she’s grown so much since we brought her home 9 weeks ago!! She is now 17 weeks old and weighs 6.2kg!! Nellie has been a wonderful addition to our family!! She is so sweet, social and playful. She sleeps amazing, loves to play ball and has been doing very well learning commands (she just started going to puppy classes this past Saturday!). We are very happy with this amazing new family member. Thank you! Lisa H

Today is Sophi’s 1st birthday. We had a little party for her. We love her. She is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. Please feel free to use this picture on your website.Jacquie and Ross ArnoldOrillia

rossco Hi Bobbie- Jo I hope this email finds you well. We just wanted to send along some pictures of our amazing Cockapoo Rossco. He has been a perfect puppy. He trained so quickly and enjoyed a summer at the cottage where he loved every minute of his happy life there swimming in the lake, going on boat rides and soaking up the good life. He is a happy boy who loves his crate and greets us all happily when we return home. He gets lots of walks every day, and people always stop to tell us how handsome he is. He loves playing ball at the park too!! He is the most amazing addition to our family. Thanks for everything! The Kelly Family Burlington

banditspringwater Hi Bobbie-Jo, We picked up our shih-poo, Bandit, in October 2014 (born August 29, 2014). While we always knew that we would love Bandit, we had no idea just how much and how quickly Bandit’s presence would infuse our lives with happiness. From his soulful little eyes to his fuzzy paws, Bandit has not only become an important family member of our lives, his cheerful personality and kind soul have also made him an honourary member in the lives of our family and friends too. He is a lovable, playful and well-adjusted “little man”, and we can’t help but think that you and Perfect Puppies had a lot to do with that as well. Thank you! Erica and Luis

alfred Hey Bobbie-Jo! Alfred is 6 months old now and just the best! Everybody LOVES him and it’s easy to see why! He’s cuteness, fun and smarts all rolled into one amazing (non-shedding!) package! He passed puppy class with flying colours and has made countless new friends at the local dog park. He loves the water and recently learned to swim! He was so proud of himself! He even went on the boat at the cottage and had a nap he was so relaxed! He knows a bunch of tricks but I think his cuddly nature and the fact that he loves to sleep in are some of my favourite things about him! He’s still fearless and will try to convince anyone and everyone how awesome he is! Thanks for such a wonderful boy, he’s filled our home with love and laughter. Enjoy the pictures! Sarah, Chad and Alfred

bailey Hi Bobbie-Jo, Wanted to send you an update on Bailey. Here is a photo of her with my granddaughter and it was Bailey’s 18th b-day earlier this month. Thanks for such a great dog!!! You are more than welcome to use the photo on your website. It speaks volumes of the health of your pups!!! Thanks once again. Liz & Bailey

abby Hi Bobbie Jo, It has been a while since we sent you an update on our Abby (Shih-Poo). We purchased Abby from you in July of 2010. As you can see from the pic, both Shannon and Abby have grown quite a bit. Abby is a healthy and happy little dog. Loves her walks and snuggling with Shannon on Saturdaymornings to watch cartoons. She has been a joy! Judy, Derrick and Shannon

shelby Hi Bobbie-Jo, Just wanted to share a little update on Shelby (Shih-Poo). She’ll be 2 years old in a few months and is doing great. She’s an amazing dog and we love her to pieces. What a great addition to our family! She adapted so well to our routine and loves to play, snuggle, go for walks, etc. She’s awesome with the kids and and loves to play with our cat as well as her “doggy cousins”! She’s definitely stolen our hearts. Here’s a recent picture of Shelby. You can see how beautiful her color is! Thanks again and we hope that things are well with you. Julie ;0)

sadie Hi Bobbie-Jo! It’s been just over a year since I picked our puppy Sadie (Cockapoo) from the litter born Sept 25/13.She has been a absolute joy! We brought her home in late November while our 21 year old daughter was recovering from a tonsillectomy. I really think she helped Heather recover faster. We started off crate training her. What a breeze! The first night she only whimperedfor about 5 minutes. The second night hardly a peep and by the third night, she was crate trained. So easy. She house trained fairly quickly too. What I love the most is she LOVES to sleep in! On a weekend she’ll stay in bed with me until 10:00 a.m.! She loves people and gets along well with other dogs. Judy and Bob Cumming

shelby Hi Bobbie-Jo , Here is a pic of Roxy Our Shih-Poo. She is just over a year old now. The vet said she is healthy, and that she will be small. She is such a blessing and is the best companion I love her so much. We spent 5 months in Florida last winter, and will be going back this winter for 5 months. Hope you enjoy the pic ! Brenda Irwin Perth, Ontario

benji-2 Hi Bobbie-Jo Update about our little Shih-Poo Benji 🙂 I’m sure he is about the smartest little dog on the planet. I marvel at his vocabulary and his understanding. On the 23rd of August we went to the vet for his shots and she was so impressed with his soft mouth and gentle nature. She also said his vocabulary is quite extensive for his age. Needless to say we love him to bits…. I am attaching a picture of him after his first grooming session… the groomer was so impressed with him she wanted to know who we adopted him from so I gave her your website information…. Hope everything is going well with you and I will stay in touch ….. Thanks again…. Nadene Vancouver, BC

bella Just to let you know that our new puppy (Bella) is doing really well. She was great in the car!!! She sat the entire trip in a box lined with towels in the back seat beside our daughter Natasha, often rolling over for a belly rub. She never got sick or had any accidents. Once home, she ate well and played with her toys. After a short cry, Bella slept through the night. She was great – better than we could have hoped for. She is very happy, social, gentle, playful and well adjusted. Thanks for all of the care and preparation that you did to make the transition so smooth. We also appreciate all of the advice and instructions that you provided.Sincerely, Marcia, Brian and NatashaP.S. The vet was very impressed by the care and professionalism of the breeder (you). She said that vets can only wish that all breeders cared and prepared their puppies as well as your kennel.

cuddy We are totally captivated by our little Cuddy (Cockapoo) and the way he has enhanced our lives right from the day we brought him to his new country home. He is so happy, healthy, playful, bright, and very entertaining. He has flourished through puppy class and beginners’ obedience and he has proven to be very easy to train. He and our 11-year old cat are best of friends and it is so amusing to watch them play together. Thanks, Bobbie-Jo, for our adorable Cockapoo – a fine breed indeed!Paul and Marilyn

img_0768 Hi Bobbie-Jo & Irma: Here are a couple pictures of Paris (Cockapoo). Our little boy is not so little anymore. Weighing in at 20 pounds.. He has all his shots now and is good to go for another year. Our Veterinarian is completely impressed with his physical health, structure and intelligence. She said the breeder is amazing and top notch. We had to prove our tricks to her. She said she hears all the time people saying their dog is smart, she was completely impressed with his intelligence.At 4.5 months he can: sit, lay down, roll-over, shake a paw, jump, stay, play fetch (search and drop) and to top it all off he is completely house trained. He loves his crate but in the day and he roams the house freely and makes no mess. At night he lays beside our bed, and sleeps for 8-10 hours and is free to roam and makes no mess. On top of that, he is not a barker. He is a great puppy and we love having him every day. I think you need to change your company name from Perfect Puppies to Fabulous Family Members. Shane and Diego ~ Toronto

benji Hi Bobbie-Jo Just a note to let you know that our little Benji (Shih-Poo) is settling in and absolutely loves his home and surroundings….I am in awe of how smart this little guy is….. he knows so many words already and since arriving has been pretty much housebroken….when I say night-night to him — he gets into his cage and sleeps on his little cozy bed….. Benji knows his name and he knows what I mean when I say “where’s daddy” — he runs off to find Gerry ..What can I say…. he’s absolutely precious to us and I thank you so much !!Nadene Vancouver, BC

touton Hi Bobbie-Jo It has been an exciting couple of months!! Touton (Cockapoo) just had his first grooming, he is all clean up! He loves in the car and truck and loves camping!! He barks at the ducks in our pond and has daily play dates with the neighbors dogs!! I will send you one of him last week after a camping trip hanging out in the truck waiting to leave ….I loved his shaggy look too!! Will send you more updates in the future…. I hope all his siblings are doing well too Thanks, Nicole, Bay Roberts, Newfoundland

tanner Hi Bobbie Jo Here is your annual picture of tanner (Shih-Poo). He turned 6 yrs old today. Here he is celebrating with his little (or not so little) sister Brooklyn!!! They are patiently waiting for their cookies. Tanner is the best dog and everyone that meets him falls in love with his looks and his personality!! I just love him more and more everyday! And after 6 years, that’s a lot of love!!! LOL. 🙂 Hope your having a great summer! Speak soon! Mina

ripley3 Hi Bobbie-Jo, We just wanted to thank you for giving us such a beautiful Cockapoo puppy! We are absolutely in love with our little girl, Ripley, and she has adjusted really well to our household over the past week. She got a great report from our vet, who praised you for breeding such healthy, well-socialized, and crate-trained (& business-outside-trained) puppies. Ripley is a very friendly girl who sleeps through the night, has taken well to her leash & collar, and who is surprising us everyday with her intelligence (she is great at fetch already!). We are so happy to have her in our lives. All the best, Caryl and Claudio

coco_sadie Hi Bobbie-Jo, December 15th was Coco’s 3rd birthday and today is Sadie’s 2nd birthday (Shih-Poo’s)! Wow how time flies…’ll be pleased to know that they are doing very well!!! They are inseparable and are just a joy!!! We hope all is well with you and your puppies!! Michelle and Brian Giles

addie Hi Bobbie-Jo, We just love Addy (Cockapoo), who is a very quiet, sweet and energetic puppy. She is great with new people and kids, who love to pet her in the park. She is also an athletic puppy who loves to run and play with other dogs. We are so happy that she is part of our family! We’ve forwarded your website to a few people who have met her and have commented on how sweet she is. This is our first experience with a cockapoo – they really are a great breed. Thanks again! Steph and Matt

noble-puppy Hi Bobbie-Jo, Thank-you very much for a great puppy. He was very bright and pleasant when we picked him up yesterday at the airport after quite a long trip. He’s settling in very well and loves being close to people. We’re trying hard not to spoil him too badly. Thanks again, The Nobles St. John’s, NL

rosey Hi Bobbie-Jo, In the spirit of sharing, attached is a photo of our Shih-Poo Rosey being crowned “Miss Doggieville 2012”. You do good work! Rosey’s date of birth is 5/27/09, so she is currently 3 years old. I must admit that I was skeptical about your promises of her size, weight and temperament when we chose her; but everything you promised has come true. She is very gentle with everyone, including groomers and strangers. She loves people and adores other dogs. I take her to an annual fundraiser for rescue dogs held at Doggieville in Newmarket so she can socialize. This year, the owner of Doggieville insisted that I enter her in one of the fun competitions and she was crowned “Miss Doggieville 2012”. I think it also helped that she is as cute as a button! All the best in 2013 Andrea

maya Hi Bobbie-Jo, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Maya (Cockapoo) had a wonderful ride home. She was happy and playful she drank and ate she also went outside and peed, she was jumping and playing around in the snow! Now she is fast asleep. Once more Thank You SO much for this wonderful gift! Here are a few pictures to enjoy! Feel free to post them, and I will keep you updated on how Maya is doing. Yours Truly, Vera, Maya, Djurina and Chelsea!

oliver-reference Oliver is doing great and a very happy puppy. We wanted a Cockapoo for a long time when I stumbled on your website. We wanted to buy a dog from a reputable breeder and there were none in our area that I could trust. Once we read your references on your website, we knew we’d be in good hands.I was worried initially about the long trip our little Oliver would have to make to get to us but once he came off the plane we knew he had done better than we had. All in all Bobbie-Jo made us comfortable with our decision and answered my hundreds of questions.We made the best choice and are so happy with our newest addition!Kayla DockrillGlace Bay, Nova Scotia

06-12-2012-007 Hi Bobbie Jo, I wanted to share a photo of Roxy (Cockapoo). My wife and I never had dogs growing up, boy did we miss out ! We love this puppy she has brought so much joy to our home. We have Samantha our daughter to thank for Roxy she was so persistent on wanting a dog. Thank you for everything , The Bensoussan’s Montreal

29-11-2012-007 Hi Bobbie Jo: Zoey (Shih-Poo) is my little angel. She has brought so much joy to my life. Zoey has lots of friends as we live in a building with lots of dogs (many puppies her age). I am continually complimented on how cute she is. She is very polite and playful – not an aggressive bone in her body. She gets along well with the 2 ragdoll cats at home. I am very blessed to have her in my life and I thank Perfect Puppies for the high quality breeding of their puppies. I can’t say enough about Zoey. Thanks Bobbie Jo Take care, Carole and Zoey

15-11-2012-001 Hi Bobbie-Jo, I hope everything is good at your end. It doesn’t seem possible but Dallas (Cockapoo) is now 6 years old, seems like yesterday! We show up at the office everyday at the same time, she has her bathroom breaks at the exact same time everyday.(It always amazes me that her internal clock is as accurate as the wall clock.) My grand-kids come to the office at least once a week and Dallas goes nuts playing with them. In fact I went on a two week holiday this past summer and she spent those two weeks with the kids at their house! Had a ball! She enjoys a spa day every 4 weeks and has passed her physical every year. It is amazing to me, we have not had one problem, health wise…she is the same day in day out. Dallas is an absolute delight! I certainly couldn’t even imagine life without her. A blessing. I guess by now you realize how totally happy I am with her, but then you probably hear this a lot! Warmest regards, David MacKay

15-11-2012-002 Hi Bobbie-Jo, Kingsley (Cockapoo) is just over 8 months now and about 20 pounds. We crate trained him when he was really young now he only goes in his crate at night. He seems to understand everything we say (“go to the kitchen/crate”, “get your bone”, “give Nathaniel a kiss”, “drop it” and the usual commands). As you’ll see from the pictures he is a very spoiled dog and even sometimes is allowed up on the furniture (although he usually waits to be asked!). I am constantly amazed at how expressive his eyes are and we have trained him with a lot of eye contact/hand signals. He has lots of energy and loves spending time in the backyard and very rarely ever barks! Melissa Novosad

15-11-2012-003 Hi Bobbie-Jo Just wanted to share with you a photo of Mya (Cockapoo). She is doing well. Our whole family loves her. My brother’s kids loved her so much they bought her half-sister from you. Her name is Lola she is also doing well; Mya and her are best friends. As you can tell she has really won the hearts of a lot of people down here. Cheers Tina Wardell

15-11-2012-004 Hi Bobbie-Jo Here a recent picture of our puppy MacDuff (Shih-Poo). We picked him up from you the 1st or 2nd weekend of last April 2011.He has been a wonderful addition to the family and we are so happy to have him! He loves walking with us, and we have taken him to all the training classes that the local Petsmart offers. He likes going to the dog parks in the area, is playing well with dogs of all ages and sizes. Just wanted to let you know much he’s made such a difference in our lives and we would highly recommend your puppies to anyone! Joan and Joe Pitre

15-11-2012-005 Happy New Year!!! Jet (Shih-Poo) is already a year old and we have almost had him for a year now. We get so many compliments on his looks and behaviour. He is an amazing, lovable dog and we can’t thank you enough. I’ve attached a couple of pictures so you can see how much he has grown. All the best in 2011! From, Samantha, Jonathan and Jet

15-11-2012-006 Hi Bobbie-Jo: When my search began, your years of breeding experience attracted me to ‘Perfect Puppies’ kennel. I fell in love with a precious Cockapoo puppy the moment I saw her at your lovely facility. Now my adorable puppy is almost 10 months old. Where does the time go!!! My house was not a home without a dog & now I can’t imagine my life without her in it. Everybody loves her. I was pleased to refer two families to ‘Perfect Puppies’ this year. I trust you have enjoyed all the cute photos of Micah that I have sent you. Karen

15-11-2012-007 Hi Bobbi-Jo Attached are some photos of our Brescia (Cockapoo) , who will soon be 3! We can’t thank you enough because your name speaks for itself as you truly breed and raise the most perfect puppies. Our Brescia is exactly everything you said she would be and more. She has the most wonderful and loving personality. Arriving home from your kennel, she was easy to house train, was a super happy lovable puppy and transitioned into her crate (just as you said she would) within the first week. She is a very smart dog and received top marks at puppy training school! She loves children and is our daughter’s BFF. She is my running partner and I see a smile on her face every morning when we leave. As a puppy she never chewed but rather sucked on her toys and to this day does not bark much. She is the perfect size and loves to cuddle. She was an instant addition to our family and is loved by all the kids and we can’t imagine our life without her so THANK you! It was also wonderful to get pictures of Brescia before we were able to take her home and watch her grow through the first 8 weeks. When we are ready for puppy number 2, we will be back! Leisa Wong & Family

ref-001 Update on Gracie the Cockapoo, Hi Bobbie-Jo Just want to send you a little glimpse of Gracie. She is a little overweight but we are working on that. Isn’t she beautiful. Gracie was 5 years old in August and we just love our Perfect Pet. She is playful and full of personality. We are very happy to have her. All the best Celia

ref-002 Good Morning Bobbie-Jo: here are some recent photos of Bailey that were taken this past weekend, as you can see, she has joined the ‘Red Hatters” as she will be 14 Years Old in September and still in excellent health and able to run and jump!!!! Best regards, Liz & bailey

ref-003 Update on Lizzie the Cockapoo: Dear Bobbie-Jo…..It is hard to believe another year has passed so quickly. Our Lizzie turned five years old today…….and the love affair continues. She still enjoys her walks, loves to run, loves playing with the grandchildren, loves playing ball, enjoys traveling with us in the car, loves all our family and friends and enjoys visiting them or having them visit, and also just loves to cuddle. We cannot imagine life without her and the joy she brings to us. I thank my lucky stars that I came upon your website when looking for a puppy and saw Lizzie looking out at me from the computer. ~ Mary

ref-004 Hello Bobbie Jo! Just an update to let you know Chester is doing great. He has found a cozy little spot to curl up in, in our family room which puts him in the centre of attention and he pretty much hangs out there and gets doted on all day. He is doing very well with training (outdoors for all his business) and with crate training as well. He goes to bed at 10 and gets up with us and 6, with no whining or crying… except for the first night he was with us but only for about 10 minutes, and nothing since. You did a great job getting him ready for us and it’s been a wonderful first week. We are all thrilled with our new pup! Thanks again for all your help, Angela.

ref-005 Hi Bobbie-Jo, I hope this email finds you well. All is fine here. We arrived from our 10 day camping trip – we had an awesome time! I think Daisy loved camping. She seemed to enjoy meeting new people and listening to all of the different noises. She traveled very well sitting in the back seat between our 2 kids. I thought you would like to see a picture of her taken at the campsite. See attached – a beautiful picture. She is loved, a lot!!! Marie

ref-006 Hey Bobbie-Jo! I just wanted to let you know that Radar is doing EXCELLENT! We went to the vet for his 2nd vaccinations and he’s weighing in at 6.3 pounds. Radar is extremely friendly, active and calm ……all in the same puppy. Bathing, cutting nails and blow drying is no problem at home. H’s really smart – he can sit, give and fetch! ~ Shanna & Radar

ref1 Hi Bobbie-Jo, We’re doing great, mostly because Benson (Shih-Poo) has been the best addition to our family! He’s super smart and passed the first two levels of puppy school with flying colours. We are constantly getting stopped by strangers on the street asking us what kind of dog he is and where we got him from and we’re always happy to pass on your name. He’s famous in our neighbourhood and has lots of new puppy friends. We’re so happy that our friends, Audrey and JP, took home Buckley last weekend because now Benson will have a new best friend from his first home. Here are some pictures so you can see what an adorable dog he’s become. Take care! Jill and Jaimie

ref2 Hi Bobbie Jo, I’ve been thinking about emailing for so long to let you know how Peri (Shih-Poo) is doing. I can’t even describe how happy everyone is with this wonderful little pup. Peri is just the cutest, sweetest, smartest and most adorable little dog ever. We all feel so blessed to have gotten this lucky. Peri adjusted really well and seemed to get very “grown up” in her first few weeks. She is a breeze to train and seems to understand what is expected of her really quickly. I hope all is well with you and family. Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family. All the best, Carolyn Rasiuk

ref3 Hi Bobbie Jo I just wanted to send you some pics of our baby Vegas! He is doing fabulous and is spoiled rotten cause he’s sooo perfect!!! We couldn’t ever say thank you enough for him, he is healthy, happy and has the best personality! I would recommend your puppies to everyone, and I have because people stop us all the time and asked where we got him!! Here are some pictures for you and your family! All our love and Vegas’ too! Kelli Bazuik

ref4 Three years ago we purchased Hailey and Bella (Shih-Poo’s) from you. These two dogs have brought my family so much joy and happiness I just thought you should know that they are loved so much from my husband, and two teenage daughters and of course myself and all our family, friends and anyone whom enters our home. They go every where with us from vacations, walks on the A.C Boardwalk in their strollers, beach, and anywhere else we may be able to take them. I guess what I am trying to tell you is….Thank You for breeding the most wonderful pets we could of ever dreamed of!! Thanks again, Paula Hurley and Family!

ref-5 Hi Bobbi Jo, My daughter and I picked up our “perfect puppy” (Shih-Poo) on the Thanksgiving weekend last October. He is now almost 7 months old and his name is Brady Murphy. He is approx. 9 lbs. He & Rhiannon are best friends…he waits patiently for her to come home from school everyday 🙂 He has graduated from two levels of Puppy School and is continuing on into the next level.-Dave Murphy

ref6 We wanted to send you a few pics of Shannon our daughter with her new puppy Abby a Shih-Poo. Hope you can use them on your site. Abby has been a fantastic little puppy. She was 95% house trained when we got her from Perfect Puppies which made the transition very easy for her and us. We Decided to crate train her and she goes into her crate at 10pm and does not make a sound until 6 am. We still can not believe it!! How good she is. She has brought so much love and joy. I want to personally thank you for all your help during the process. You were very patient in answering our many many questions even after we brought Abby home. What great support!! What great Customer Service!! If anyone wants a beautiful puppy from a reputable breeder that gives a lot of support check out Perfect Puppies!! We were glad we did. Thanks for the “Perfect Puppy” Thanks Again for everything, Kindest Regards Derrick, Judy and Shannon

1 Hi Bobbi Jo We bought Meadow (Cockapoo) in October from you, thought you might want to see a couple of pics of her. She is very spoiled with love and affection and is well entrenched as a member of our family. In fact the vet we take her to in Kanata asked for your name because she was so impressed!…….. Maggie For Meadow and Taylor!

2 Just wanted to let you know we are still having such a great time with Charlie (Shih-Poo). It is hard to believe he will be a year old in a couple of days. He is wonderful and all who meet him just love him. My kids keep asking when we can get another puppy as Charlie has been such a wonderful experience for our first dog…… Andrea

3 Hi Bobbie-Jo, We wanted to send you a few shots of Charlie (Cockapoo). He is a terrific boy! We couldn’t ask for a more wonderful pup. He was born to run and jump, such a little entertainer! Here are a few shots of Charlie. You are welcome to use them on your site. Take care……….Melissa, Terry & Charlie

4 Hi Bobbi Jo; It has been over 5 months since Mercedes (Shih-Poo) came to live with us. She weighs 8lb 4 oz at 10 months. Just a little girl that everybody loves. Mercedes loves her walks and is quick to sit at the door when the phrase “car ride” is used. I am attaching a couple of pictures she was just at the spa for a grooming and she looks pretty cute. Mercedes has definitely warmed our hearts and settled into our family…….Melanie Barr

5 Hi Bobbie-Jo! Attached is a picture of Penny (Cockapoo). She is doing SO great! Everyone who sees her stops me and tells me what a pretty dog she is. Her disposition could not be more perfect. She is very loving and loves to snuggle, but also loves to play a lot too. She is pretty much potty trained now too! We have a bell that hangs on our door and she rings it when she has to go out. Oh, and my allergies have not been a problem at all! Thank you again for the amazing puppy!! Take care….. Vanessa

6 Holy (Shih-Poo) has turned out to be the perfect family pet for us……she passed her obedience training with flying colours and was top of the class with a 87/100 mark. She is very cute when she goes around and heels on the left…..looking for that “treat”! She has been easy to train. We had her spayed at 6 months and she was a very good patient….didn’t lick her stitches too much and didn’t have to wear a cone on her head. All the gals at the veterinary hospital fell in love with her and wanted to know where I bought Holly from….. Nick & Jodi

7 Just thought I’d let you know how pleased Willow (Cockapoo) and I are with each other. She’s become a loyal, reliable and very avid hiker. She loves the challenges and obstacles we encounter and is absolutely fearless but also intelligent and thoughtful. She’s developed a voracious appetite and is growing and gaining strength daily. She has really muscled up nicely and she can’t wait to get out on the trail. Thanks so much for being a responsible, conscientious breeder of such high quality dogs………Ciao for now, Clarence

8 Hi Bobbie-Jo! Our little Rosie (Shih-Poo) is doing so well… she is so happy, healthy, well-behaved and absolutely adored by everyone who has met her! In fact we have referred several people to Perfect Puppies since we brought Rosie home in April of 2009. We were truly so happy with our experience with Perfect Puppies with our Rosie! ……Melissa Morris

9 Gracie (Cockapoo) is a wonderful pet! We were happy to see that she knew her name right from the start, she came when we called her and was also very much at ease with grooming. We appreciate all the training you had already done with her. Gracie has shown that she is very intelligent and it is remarkable how she uses her paws to express herself. She also has a gentle yet exuberant fun loving temperament and delights in being with other dogs, cats, men, women and children, without exception. Our veterinarian told us that physically Gracie is a “very good puppy” following her first examination with him and we can only say that we are thrilled to have her. She lights up our lives and brings us so much laughter and joy. She is beautiful in every way !! …. Celia & Tom

10 You DO produce “perfect puppies”!!! Bailey (Cockapoo) has already adapted to sleeping in a crate and has slept through the night every since we brought her home!! She has also had very few accidents in the house… she runs to the patio door and paws at it or whimpers when she needs to go out to pee/poo. My friends and family members cannot believe that a two month old puppy can be so adaptable, smart and capable! It was definitely worth the drive to Bancroft!!! 🙂 Margaret Black

11 We fell in love with Cassie, our two year old Shih-Poo the moment we walked into the immaculate nursery. We were very impressed with the cleanliness and the overall care put into the kennel. We knew we had made the right decision to go to Perfect Puppies to pick out the new addition to our family the moment we arrived. Cassie is a very healthy, petite, light brown Shih-Poo. She loves spending her days with her best friend Tigger the cat. She is very a very friendly and affectionate dog. She is very quiet and loves children. I would highly recommend Perfect Puppies to anyone because of the knowledge and experience that comes with each puppy…. The Moore Family

12 Hi Bobbie-Jo…..Well our Lizzie (Cockapoo) is two years old today and I wanted to send you a few photos and again thank you for our “perfect puppy”. I could go on and on about Lizzie, however, suffice to say it is an ongoing love story. … Mary and Don Gillies