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The Shih-Poo is an excellent pet for any family. They are very laid back, quiet and gentle. This breed displays great patience making them excellent for small children. Their light-weight and calm temperament, make the Shih-Poo a great fit for elderly couples as well.

Shih-Poos have a very pleasant and loving disposition. Working families should consider a Shih-Poo because they are content on their own for periods of time. If you already have an existing pet (dog, cat,etc) and would like to introduce another, this is the breed for you. Shih-Poo’s do NOT require a lot of exercise, which is perfect for families living in smaller homes, apartments, etc.. !!

  • Size: Small, 10 lbs full grown
  • Appearance: Soft Cuddly Coat, Easy to Groom, Long Tail, and Button Nose
  • Temperament: Laid Back, Rarely Bark, Never Aggressive, Loves to Cuddle, Excellent for Small Children or Elderly, Very Popular Breed
  • Colours: Blonde, Black, Tri-Coloured, Brindle, White & Black, Fawn, Grey, etc…
  • $1800 taxes included

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Main Shih-Poo Colours

Black & tan shih-poo puppy
Black & Tan
Black & white shih-poo puppy
Black & White